FABI Logo Use

Use of the FABI Logos is restricted to Master Professional Inspectors, Registered Professional Inspectors, Associate Inspectors and Affiliate Members.  In addition, if an MPI or RPI uses the MPI or RPI logo and/or the standard FABI logo, any inspector employee or subcontractor used by them, for the purpose of performing the general building/home inspection MUST be a FABI MPI, RPI or an Associate Inspector.

Any inspector employee must become a FABI Associate Inspector within 90-days from date of employment.  Associate Inspector must complete all requirements for full RPI status.  Exception: Excluded from the above are specific subcontractors who are retained by the primary building inspection firm to perform individual inspections such as, but not limited to, WDO, seawall, septic systems, roof, consulting engineers, etc.

Each person must use the logo that coincides with their classification.  Any Associate Inspector found using either the MPI, RPI or Affiliate logo may, at the discretion of the FABI Ethics and Standards of Practice Committee have their membership immediately terminated with no refund of monies paid.  Affiliate Members may only use the Affiliate Member Logo.