Florida Home Inspection Exam

The Florida Home Inspection Exam is offered on Friday mornings at 9 AM in Orlando by appointment.

The Florida Home Inspection Exam is based on the book “Real Estate Home Inspection: Mastering the Profession” (5th Edition) by Russell Burgess.  You may purchase this book NEW on the FABI website or in the FABI Office for $55 (plus sales tax and postage if applicable).  If purchasing from other suppliers BE SURE YOU ARE PURCHASING THE 5TH EDITION (brown colored cover).

The best way to study for the FHIE is to read through the book and then take the end of chapter reviews.  When you are confident in answering the review questions, you can then schedule your exam.

You are given 2 ½ hours to complete the exam.  The exam is 100 questions, multiple choice, and covers the following areas:

1.            FABI Standards, Reports, Inspecting a House
2.            Roofing
3.            Structure, Interiors, Exteriors, Insect Damage
4.            Plumbing and Gas
5.            Electrical
6.            HVAC
7.            Appliances, Pools, Sprinklers

The cost to sit for the exam is $200 for non FABI members and $100 for Associate Inspectors and students of Affiliate Member Schools.

Classe Management is located at:
3751 Maguire Boulevard, Suite 260
Orlando, Florida 32803

When you are ready to sit for the exam, please email or call the FABI Office to set up an appointment.  We welcome any questions you may have.



* Sunday, December 6 in Daytona Beach Shores