Home Energy Score


Classroom Training for the US Department of Energy’s Home Energy Score Assessor
September 15, 2017
Hyatt Regency Pier 66

Satisfy the most difficult and time consuming portion of a 2-part training to become an Approved Home Energy Score Assessor. The “Simulated Online Training” (SIM) has proven to take substantial time and effort to complete. FABI’s special one-day class will guide you to success through classroom style training, in conjunction with the FABI Fall Conference.  Once the classroom training is complete, you can then register for the Virtual Mentorship portion through I.D. Energy. ($200 – discounted from $375 for attendees of the classroom training)

  • Only $125 – Includes Lunch
  • Receive 7 CE Credits for the Classroom Training
  • Receive 2 CE Credits for Pre-Class Webinar
  • Tutorial Videos, and Tech Support from I.D. Energy
  • Friday, September 15 from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Register and pay by clicking here


FAQ – As answered by Brent Loya with Inspection Depot:

-When will these assessments begin?  As soon as the inspector completes their mentored portion of the training, they are able to perform assessments for clients.

-How much can they make doing them? The input from home inspectors implementing HES into their business are charging for a standalone assessment from $120-250 depending on size of home and their market. Mostly, they are using it as an add-on feature to a home inspection and/or a marketing tool. Some guys do it for free as marketing to book more inspections, others are charging between $50-$150 for an add-on, again depending on size of home and market. For a home under 2500 sq.ft., we charge $75 as an add-on assessment to a full priced home inspection.

-What fees do they have to pay to ID with each assessment? ID’s Desktop QA does require a fee for every score generated. It is $25/score, but if you buy a bulk of scores up front it become exponentially less. Your first 10 scores are required to have QA and is a $200 flat fee. Click here for information about our QA system.

-How long will it take them to recoup the loss of the class fees? Depending on how the individual inspector want to implement into their business, after purchasing their Virtual Mentorship and fist 10 QA scores, the cost can be recouped after performing the initial 10 scores or less. Some inspectors use the cost for marketing value and price it into their home inspection and perform them for “free” to book more inspections.

Does their current HI general liability cover these kinds of assessments? To my understanding it does cover these kinds of assessments.