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“Professionalism Breeds Confidence”

For more information or a Registered Professional Inspector in your area, call the FABI office at 1-800-544-3224

Florida Association of Building Inspectors, Inc. has promoted professionalism in the industry through qualifying their members to assure the public’s confidence.  Applicants to FABI must pass a written examination, have their inspection report reviewed and show proof of a required number of inspections in order to qualify for membership.  They must also adhere to FABI’s Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics and earn continuing education credits by attending regular conferences/workshops to maintain their membership and keep their proficiencies current.

Through its growing membership, FABI maintains an active Standards of Practice and Ethics Committee to ensure compliance of the Association’s ethical, moral and industry standards.


Find an Inspector

To search for a qualified Professional Inspector in your area, please use the search function located on our home page.

For a list of Associate Inspectors please click here. Associate Inspectors are working toward the qualifications to become a Registered Professional Inspector.  They may use the standard FABI logo but must advertise themselves as an Associate Inspector.